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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mprov: The Fifth Annual Montreal Improv Festival Begins! (and so does my blog)

This is it, gang, the first official post on my new blog.

Now, just because I'm gonna start with day to day coverage of Mprov: The Fifth Annual Montreal Improv Festival, I will not join all of the great ghost blogs in the sky after the last suggestion is taken and the improv fest is over (not...um...of course...like that has ever happend before....honest).

We had an amazing crowd last night at Mainline Theatre, not just an amazing crowd for a crappy rainy Wednesday in Montreal, but an amazing crowd for any opening night of any of the Montreal Improv Festivals that I have been involved with. 

And, oh yeah, I have been involved with all of them. 

I had the honour of hosting the premiere evening of fest #5. The audience was a wonderfully improv-savy crowd that needed very little warming up. Yay. Less work for me.

Montreal Improv officially got things going as the first troupe to take to this year's Mprov stage. It's only fitting 'cause Marc Rowland and Francois Vincent of MI have been working their asses off to make this thing happen. Much more than me, I might add. I still have the same ass I came into this thing with.

After a killer set that almost cost MI player Bryan Walsh his life, (see what I did there? Killer? Cost him his life?) it was time for Montreal's improv legends, Uncalled For.

Playing a format that I'm told was created over dinner before the show, UF served up a very cool if somewhat offbeat improvised action adventure story about about  a super group called Disaster Squad...or maybe it was Danger Squad, nobody (including them) seemed really all that sure.

That and a nice little piece featuring an interview with some guy or other in Hour today and Mprov V is off and running.

Tonight it's Toronto's Sexual Tyranosaurus. Rouding out night #2 is Montreal's own The Bitter End improvising what I'm told is the definitive 80's Geek Buddy Sci-Fi Time Travel Adventure Movie.

How can you go wrong?

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