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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Remembering My Grandfather - Addendum

So since my last post this morning on my Grandfather, The Great War vet, I've been hearing from the relatives. You know, really obscure relatives, like, say my Mom. Turns out more is known about Grandpa Richard than I thought.

Apparently, my grandfather was, in fact, at Vimy Ridge. My Mom says he said of his time in The Great War, "I came back with no hair and no teeth" (hmm...I can see the comedy gene running strong here). Middle age was responsible for one loss and, I'm told, a German rifle butt was responsible for the other. Sounds like the guy was very much involved with Vimy Ridge.

The iron workers photo is from 1919.

So we know a little more than I thought. However, his birth date and rank remain unknown.

And, of course, he is still remembered.

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