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Friday, December 17, 2010

A Very Youtube Christmas

I took some time out from all of my holiday madness to look up some of the more interesting Xmas fare being offered up on Youtube this season...

Let's start off with Billy Idol's Christmas Album.

Yes. Billy Idol. Christmas album.

The guy seems to be a bit confused  about the difference between a White Wedding and a White Christmas.

If you like your holidays kinda creepy and disturbing, Billy is your guy.

Then let's move on to this little gem.

Every good geek out there knows just how awful the once-aired-yet-still-recorded 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special. However, did you also know that there is a Star Wars Christmas album?

According the poster on Youtube, this is the best track on it:

Is there anything Anthony Daniels will not do in the name of George Lucas?

This next one I'm quite touched by. My sketch comedy group, The Vestibules recorded a song about a billion years ago called Christmas on Acid (still available on CD, BTW, at www.thevestibules.com). Recently, somebody actually went to the trouble of translating the song into Spanish.

This amazes me. Take a look:

Felix Navidrogo has got to be the greatest lyric translation of all time!

This is the crossover everyone has been demanding:

Oh, what Jack Bauer sacrifices for the security of the country he loves!

This is proof to the argument that Christmas, in fact, has its roots in winter solstice related page rituals that pre-date the birth of Christ by, well, quite a bit, actually...

Here is a wonderful mash-up that makes you wish that Gene Autry and The Police would have worked together more often.

I hope Rudolph gets the message.

And, finally, here are my pals John C. Reily and Wil Ferell doing an uncanny imitation of David Bowie and Bing Crosby's legendary Xmas duet:

Personally, I find the last gag a little too on the nose but (that's often the case with the Funny or Die stuff). Other than that, man, did those guys nail it. Reilly's even got Bing's frequent cue card glances down.

Stay tuned for my list of the 10 Best "It Ain't Always Such a Wonderful Life" Christmas Movies...

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