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Friday, January 7, 2011

Just Unearthed From The Dark Misty Vaults of Time

This photo of me was recently unearthed. I had never seen it before. In fact, I've never seen a picture of me this young.

Good thing somebody accidentally caught me in the frame while they were trying to get a good shot of that lamp.

Just for the record the moniker on written on top never caught on. My brother's name is Kerry. Too much confusion ensued (though it was a great way of getting out of trouble) so it was dropped when I was very young.  I have never thought of  "Terry" as my name. I have had many a battle of wills with teachers over the years who insisted on calling me this thing that was not my name.

"Ter" was often used by my family but never really caught with the general public.

For the curious, this was written on the back of the photo.

No one is really sure how old the lamp was.

That would put the picture circa February of 1964. Pretty sure that's my mom's handwriting. I suspect that the note was written some years later unless she suffering from some kind of postpartum amnesia.

Research at the Terence Bowman Historical Institute continues....


  1. Funny how all our Moms have the same handwriting.

  2. Yeah, must say something about the way they taught penmanship back in the day.