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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weekly Goofy Movie Clip "Lamest DVD Audio Commentary Ever"

DVD audio commentaries are a mixed bag.

Some commentaries are brilliant and insightful. Some merely give you a few interesting anecdotes and trivia about the movie. Some are just redundant descriptions of the onscreen action. Some are weird comments bordering on rants that have little or nothing to do with the scene or the movie. Some are major movie fanboy geekout fests by "film historians" or "movie experts" (check out the DVD commentaries on the early Sean Connery James Bond Movies or the 1930's Universal Studios Classic Monster Horror Movies)

Some, I'm sorry to say, are just plain lame. Some of the lamest include:
Arnold Schwarzenegger (as we see Conan pick up his sword): "...and this is the sword I used in the movie."

Michael York (as multiple special effects and miniature shots fly by on the screen): "...then, after graduating from Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, I began appearing regularly at the Old Vic Theatre in London..."

Adam West (as Batman and Robin are running and jumping into the Batboat): "Do you remember doing that?"
Burt Ward (Robin): "Nah. Don't remember doin' that at all".

Though the commentary track that takes the proverbial lame cake has got to be this little gem. Lance Henriksen, an actor whose work is quite respectable in The Terminator, Aliens, Near Dark, and the TV series, Millennium, was not so respectable when he made this commentary for a scene from the first Alien vs. Predator movie.

The first voice you hear is that of director Paul W.S.Anderson. You can also hear co-star Sanaa Lathan on the track.

Seriously guys? You really couldn't do another take? Not even during that scene? 

What did they? Only have Mr.Henrikson on contract for the exact running time of the movie?

I love how Mr.Anderson's and Ms.Lathan's nervous laughter and attempts to be casual about the whole affair just make it all the more awkward.

Does anybody give a damn at all about the people out there who lay down good hard earned cash for a DVD with special features and then get that?

Now you can get it in Hi-Def!

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