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Friday, October 21, 2011

15 of The Weirdest Combinations of Artists and Cover Songs Ever

Sorry, folks, no Shatners or Nimoys in this baby.

15. The Sun by They Might Be Giants

One of my fave bands covers a song from an educational album they used to listen to as kids.

14. Batman by The Jam

 Back in the late 70's, covering any TV show theme song, let alone one that (at the time) was very strongly associated silly kids stuff, was a bit of a risk for an emerging New Wave band from the UK.

13. Sympathy For the Devil by Laibach

Love this version.

The lead singer sounds like Henry Kissinger doing Bela Lugosi.

12. It's Not Easy Being Green by Frank Sinatra

I remember getting a major "WTF?!" when a friend of mine who was huge Sinatra fan heard this one for the first time.

11. Love is All Around by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

Do you think maybe Joan Jett had a crush on Mary Tyler Moore as a kid?

10. My Own Personal Jesus by Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash sings Depeche Mode. Man, those last few albums of Cash's career were awesome.

The video is by yours truly.

9. Follow Me by Blondie

I guess Blondie was big enough at the time that they could get away with doing a song from a Broadway musical. Then again, this album did mark the beginning of their downturn.

8. High Ho by Tom Waits

 Imagine Snow White directed by Bertolt Brecht...

7. Suzanne by Neil Diamond

 You step into an elevator circa 1975 and hear this.

6. Sunshine Superman by Mel Torme

Ya gotta keep up with these kids today, Mel.

5. By The Time I Get to Phonix by Nick Cave

And in the other direction....

I don't care how much of a dark post-Punk icon you are, you should still show some respect your elders, Mr.Cave.

4. Don't Give Up by Willie Nelson and Sinead O'Connor

I'm not sure what's weirder: that Willie Nelson did a song with Sinead O'Connor or that he did a cover of a song made famous by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush with Sinead O'Connor.

3.Let The Sun Shine In by Frente

The song that made Pebbles and Bam-Bam famous.

A beautiful version, in spite of itself.

2. Here Comes Santa Claus by Bob Dylan

I'm not sure where Bob is at these days. Jewish? Born-again Christian? Buddhist? One thing is for sure: none of those religions believe in Santa.

1. Ob-la-Di-Ob-La-Da by Bing Crosby

This one is just too awesome for words...

The frakkin' back-up dancers alone are priceless.

These are some of my choices for really odd cover versions, feel free to chime in with some of yours below...

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