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Friday, May 20, 2011

Weekly Goofy Movie Clip "Acting Cliches 101"

his is a short scene from The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997), It comes early on in the film. Jeff Goldblum gets recognized on the subway as "that dinosaur guy". The rest speaks for itself.

It seems that Steven Spielberg's attorneys will not allow me to embed into my blog the video that they just allowed me to upload to Youtube.

Anyway, you can watch the scene by clicking here. Mr.Spielberg's lawyers apologize for the inconvenience.

I have no idea who the other actor in the scene is but, in about 50 seconds of screen time, the guy manages to nail almost every acting cliche in the book.

Actors are often trained to "find the moments" in a scene. It seems like this actor is trying to find one about once every ten seconds. One of the lines that is commonly heard in acting classes is, "Chewing gum is not a character". This actor has not been to any of those classes. Oh, and did you catch that little subtle display of his mime training in that little dinosaur bit he does?

And on top of everything else, I really could not tell what his intention in the scene is supposed to be.
The IMDB entry for this film does not even list the role. Sadly, this brief appearance in a Steven Spielberg blockbuster was not quite the big career break this actor seems to have thought it might be.

On the other, sir, if you are reading this: here we are discussing 49 seconds of your screen time some 14 years later so I guess that's something.

Watch for The Weekly Goofy Movie Clip post of "He Had on a Hat".

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